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our values

taste good, do good


Eating more plants is good for you and good for the planet. We’ll tantalise your taste buds with flavourful food that’s kind to the planet, from seed to stomach. We choose the best local ingredients, packaging and methods we can, with the environment in mind. Pricing the way that we do allows us to keep on doing our bit for the planet, with compostable packaging and local ingredients at the heart of every dish. We aim to inspire people to get friendly with veg in a new way (and helps us all avoid climate catastrophe with every bite, no biggie). So for full-vegans, vegan-curious, flexitarians or vegan-haters alike, we make seriously good grub that’s vegan, for when you want to be.


convenience, not compromise

We get it, you’re a busy bunch. Life is for the living. That’s why we’re on hand to be your little meal-prep elves*. Whether you like our products because you love food but hate cooking, your schedule is unpredictable, you’re a newborn flexitarian or it’s just an opportunity not to do the washing up, we are happy to be on hand. It sounds cheesy (ironic, considering we’re vegan) but if we make it a little easier to eat something veg-packed and plastic-free, our job is done.

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