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our story

We are gobble box. We make seriously good grub for the vegan-curious. We’re plant-powered and purpose-led in all we do, from supply chain to the supermarket shelf. 


Our mission is to make meals that taste good and do good. For the I-could-never-go-vegan-ers to the live-life-on-the-veg-ers, we promise to deliver something meat-free and more satisfying, for your busy days. We work really hard to be a sustainable option on the shelf, and promise to always keep it 100 with you. From seed to supply chain, production to packaging, you won’t find any greenwashing here - we pledge to be honest about everything we do. 


All of our meals are made in the UK, with more hands than machines. As for our ingredients, we believe in local food. All of our produce comes from British farms - making our meals air-freight-free!


Our packaging is 100% compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. Our trays are made from wood fibre pulp and corn starch, our films are biodegradable and our cardboard sleeves are recyclable. We also use vegetable inks for all our printing.

​We invite you to a celebration of seriously good food. It’s our goal to champion good grub, to change perceptions of vegan food, and encourage people to eat more plant-based food however works for them. We believe that plant-based food isn’t “less than” or “free from” anything – that it’s tasty, satisfying and convenient. We deliver full-on taste satisfaction, no compromise. So, whether you're vegan, vegan-curious or just up for a taste-adventure, we're here to tingle your tastebuds.

So, how did it all start?


Meet our founder, foodie and feeder in chief: Anna


I created gobble box because I love food. I love how it brings people together – when a basic human need we all share becomes the centrepiece for time with loved ones or new friends, socialising, laughing and sharing stories.


I’d been a vegetarian for most of my life, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I learnt about the environmental impact of animal agriculture and some of the complexities of dairy farming. That’s the moment I decided to go cold turkey – excuse the pun – and become a full-time vegan.

Bland is banned


Eating plant-based challenged me to get creative with cooking. I didn’t want to be bored with my choices after a week or feel like the odd one out at a social event. I had to learn how to live life on the veg – which ultimately sowed the seeds of a lifelong love-affair.


I completely reframed the way I thought about plating up flavour and fullness; about what I was feeding myself and whether it was satisfying to eat. I discovered how great lentils can be when they’re braised. I realised that marinating, baking, frying and caramelising can create such exciting different tastes and textures. I started to fully appreciate the combination of sweetness and spice. My meals became more varied, more adventurous and more satisfying than they’d ever been.

Finger on the pulse(s)

Then life got busier. And I realised when I was pressed for time that there weren’t many wholesome, easy options for plant-based eaters. Between the light and healthy choices and the dirty vegan junk food, there wasn’t a clear middle ground; no frill-free option to fill me up quickly. A busy week meant compromise: on taste, satisfaction and fullness.

I realised the lack of tasty, filling and convenient plant-based choices wasn’t helping me, or others, eat more plants. And with a growing number of people becoming flexitarian, I decided there needed to be some taste-focused, convenient vegan meals on supermarket shelves. 

So, I created gobble box. 

Crafted from my favourite dishes, each box is packed with flavour and wholesomeness, so you’re never left unsatisfied, no matter where you are on your plant-powered journey.

Now go on, get your gobble on.

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